Österreichischen Krebshilfe – Kärnten (German)

Die Österreichischen Krebshilfe versteht sich als Kompetenzzentrum zum Thema Krebs. Der Dachverband mit seinen Organen und der Bundesgeschäftsstelle und den eigenständigen Landesvereinen mit den ihnen angeschlossenen regionalen Beratungsstellen bilden zusammen die Österreichischen Krebshilfe. 1. Information über Vorbeugung und Früherkennung von Krebs. 2. Professionelle Hilfe und Unterstützung für Erkrankte und deren Angehörige. 3. Unterstützung der Krebsforschung.

Österreichischen Krebshilfe – Kärnten (English)

The Austrian Cancer Help Center – Carinthia sees itself as a competence center for cancer. The main headquarters, affiliated regional counseling centers, the Federal office together form the Austrian Cancer Help. Their work is based on three pillars: 1. Informing the public on measures for the prevention and early detection of cancer 2. Professional help and advice for sufferers and their families 3. Promotion of Cancer Research.

The WBF – VIP PINK Lounge

In Bodypaint City is the exclusive area where you can feel like you are at home. Exquisite culinary delights by The Gault Millau Restaurant Bachler combined with a unique atmosphere, complementry drinks and the best view of the festival main stage and the picturesque Lake Wörthersee.




The PINK Girls, Celine Semmler & Martina Roseano






PINK Girl, Julia Polt




Special Thanks To: WB Production, KORONA Casino & Hotel, Net Solutions, Kattus, Trojka, Cosmo Sprizzer, KRYOLAN Professional Make-Up, PINK Girls: Martina Roseano, Celine Semmler, Julia Polt, Carmen Mai, Managing Director: Bernhard Zmölnig, Restaurant Gottfried Bachler: Kitchen & Bar Staff, and Decor: Doris Reiter.


The World Bodypainting Festival (abbreviated WBF) is held during the summer months of June/July. It attracts artists from 45 nations and attracts 30.000 plus spectators. It consists of a pre week followed by 3 main days of the festival/competition. The pre week consists of workshops and side events.

The workshops offer many educational programs and lessons by leading artists in brush & sponge, airbrush, special effects, beauty makeup, head dressing including color theory and history. All workshops are run and handled under the WB Academy and are also scheduled throughout the year in various cities worldwide. Side events include parties such as the Surreal Costume Ball (Body Circus) and the newly added (Zombie Crawl) with international dj’s and musical stage performances. Also included are exhibitions, gatherings, meeting points and industry discussions.

The three main days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday are open to the general public in a park also known as (Bodypaint City) on lake Wörthersee where the World, Special and Amateur Awards are held. The festival is open to both adults and children and is considered a family friendly environment. Spectators and visitors alike are able to step “into the surreal” filled with a unique world of art that excites the senses and the imagination. Visitors can also take part and express them selves in various activities throughout Bodypaint City. Artists compete on all three days with a given theme in the categories of brush & sponge, airbrush and special effects for the World Champion Award & title announced on Sunday with the special UV bodypainting World Champion Fluoro Award held and announced on Friday night. Also included is the World Facepainting Award, Armature Award, Installation Award, Special Effects Face Makeup the newly added Makeup Battle Award and the Photo Award. All categories have separate prizes and trophies. Artists can use either male or female models.

The three main days of the festival also plays host to a VIP area (VIP PINK Lounge), a bodypainting manufacture & supplier’s market, fashion & crafts market, food & beverage venders, headline stage bands, performers and international Dj’s throughout various musical zones of Bodypaint City as well as the sun drenched pristine waters and beaches of lake Wörthersee. “There is something for everyone” including the closing Paint Party. – See More at  www.bodypainting-festival.com