iocoBenefits was created and established in 2005 by International Bodypainter and Fine Artist Filippo ioco.

Filippo feels it is his duty as an artist to volunteer his works and services to help bring awareness, education and needed funds to global, charitable organizations. Such organizations have included LABCA (Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance), Hollywood Heart, Operation Smile and CDTC (Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center).

With the help and support of community, private sector and media sponsorships, iocoBenefits hosts various artistic events including silent auctions, cocktail parties and runway shows. All proceeds are donated to the charitable organization of choice.

Dedicating a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide for causes such as Breast Cancer, children with HIV/Aids, children with deformities, as well as wounded troops and their families, Filippo ioco is renowned for bringing a philanthropic flare to each and every project.

For more details on becoming an ioco Beneficiary, please contact Filippo ioco at info@iocoBenefits.com


ABOUT Filippo ioco



By Karala B Wallace

Birth: Leuggern, Switzerland
Citizen: Sicily, Italy
Resident: Planet Earth

Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking Body painting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley’s Believe it or Not to name a few. For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model.

Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist. His fine art has a distinctive style that is made up of large sections of carefully chosen expressive colors that relate directly to an emotional state. The colors are composed in block fields or splashed spontaneously together. The final compositions hold a delicate balance between light, weight, color and movement. Like the distinctive look and feel of his Fine Art, iocoPublished also holds a special look and feel all it’s own. Filippo pays special attention to detail and color balance for traditional home use. His floral work holds a delicate balance between whimsical, innocence and sophistication, while his more abstract pieces display a perfect balance of color and harmony.

ioco’s client list and credits include a vast list of top retailors, hospitality and designers. His works have achieved bestseller status and have been featured in such publications as Metropolitan Home and House Beautiful as well as TV & Film.

Dedicating a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work for Breast Cancer, Children with HIV/Aids, Children with Deformities, Abused Women and Children, Wounded Troops and their Families. Filippo ioco is renowned for bringing a philanthropic purpose to every project to which he is engaged in.

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